Welcome to our Parish Website for Our Lady & All Saints Catholic Parish. We care for each other and we want to worship and serve our Lord and one another.  Do please consider volunteering by participating wherever you feel you can help and serve. Fr Des.

Parish History: 150th History Cover (2 pages)  150th History (66 pages) – New

Newsletter: link

Live Streaming. We are providing a live online streaming service,  link

Car Parking. There is quite limited parking in the church car park but (for weekend Masses only) there are 60 parking spaces available off Hagley Road behind the Wall James Chappell Solicitors (just 3 minutes walk away). Entrance to their parking area is by the drive off Hagley Rd between the old red telephone boxes & the Cheveux Hairdresser.

Photo Gallery updated 20th May 2019 link

Coffee and Tea in the Parish Centre after Sunday 10.30am Mass. All Welcome.

Music in Church for Liturgical Celebrations. Music must be chosen that is appropriate for Church. Thank you

Piety Stall is Open after the 10.30am Mass in the Parish Centre. There is a variety of religious objects / Cards. Items for All Occasions.

Parish Centre. For Information and Bookings please contact Sarah Price  (Parish Secretary) 01384 395308.

Visitation to the Sick/ Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. We are most anxious to help anyone who cannot celebrate Mass with us because of illness or age or being house-bound.  If you wish to receive this Sacrament – or are going into hospital – please contact Deacon Tom or Fr Des.


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